Diligence is the very best way!!!

14 12 2009

So, today i did something  i have not done for months. i got my school done before 2:00.

Here are some tips for children who have trouble doing school.

1 Be Diligent.

2 no breaks!

3 work in a place were you can concentrate.

4 stick to one thing at a time.

5 Make there are no things around you that are distracting. {for instance, no toys, video games, DVD or video players, tape players, of loud toys.} 6 make sure that you have no teacher books around you.

10 things i like about co-up, 3 things i don’t.

22 11 2009

before i start, my mom told me that i had to write this.

we will start with the things i don’t like.

1. i don’t care for some of astronomy.

2. i don’t  like some part of gods world news.

3. i don’t like part of new york history.

things i do like.

1. lunch.

2. football.

3. gym.

4.my new york state history teacher.

5. Home EC.

6.most of gods world news.

7.  field trips.

8. my gods world news teacher.

9. Owen Hunt.

10. Nate

And now, the joke!!!!

This is one of Snoopy’s { from Charlie Brown} writing’s.

Beauty tips. how to look younger.:

Don’t be born so soon!!!!!!!!!1

Marvin the martian

15 11 2009

Marvin the martian is the martian commander in duck dodgers. he is evil. but in full command, the martian queen.

Very Evil. she wants to destory the earth and dodgers. how evil is that? Of course, dodgers always wins.

Life is not Close to that. sometimes the “bad guy” wins. sometimes the “good guy” wins.

Cartoons are not close to that. the “good guy” always wins. not in life.


The good side.

15 11 2009

There is a good side to everything. don’t let yourself get crushed on the bad side of everything. stay on the good side, and you’ll be happy. all we have to do is forget the bad part of everything. we all have our break-downs.

but if we all look at the good side of things, the world will be at Peace. there will be joy in the air.

there will be love everywhere. more kindness. all we need to do is look at the good side of things. it’s not that complicated. it’s really easy. love and be kind. no more rock-and-roll. Christian music. Godly music.

“love and be kind” Christian.

Violence in cartoons.

15 11 2009

there is a lot of fighting in cartoons: Bugs bunny, Tom and Jerry, Yogi bear, Duck dodgers, The Flintstones,

secret squirrel, atom ant, Ricashay rabbit, pumpkin puss and mush mouse, the Jetsons, and scooby doo.

Think about the Violence!! think about the fighting, hitting, and pushing.

Think about it.


Robin hood.

15 11 2009

Robin hood stole from the rich. bad. he gave the stolen money to the poor. good. some people say he was good.

some say he was bad. I say he was both. I am not going to ague about this. that is just my opium. and that is that.

But still, the fight goes on. why? because no one wants to be wrong. it’s o.k. to be wrong. It’s no big deal.

Robin hood. good,or bad?



The world.

15 11 2009

let’s make this straight  and to the point. the world is bad.

there is no doubt about it. the world is wicked. we should all know that.

Think about it. no thank you. Stay away from the bad stuff.

Stay in the good stuff.